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Rodium Plating

  • 1 h
  • Prices vary
  • 37 High Street Newport

Service Description

WHAT IS RHODIUM PLATING? Rhodium is a precious metal and is a member of the platinum family; it has a shiny, silver appearance and is very durable. Rhodium electroplating – or rhodium plating – is a process that is used by jewellers to apply a thin layer of rhodium to items of jewellery, to give it a bright, light appearance and provide a more hard-wearing surface that will be scratch and tarnish resistant. RHODIUM PLATING FOLLOWS A SIX STEP PROCESS: 1. The item is checked to make sure any stones are secure. Any minor repairs needed are done during this step. 2. The jewellery is placed in a sonic cleaner to remove grime, oils, and build up from general wear. 3. Deep scratches are taken out of the metal using a fine emery board. 4. The item is polished to remove any grain left from the emery board and produce a mirror shine. 5. The item is cleaned again to remove any final bits of residual grease and build up. 6. The jewellery is dipped in the rhodium tank. HOW DO I KNOW IF MY JEWELLERY NEEDS RHODIUM PLATING? It’s very easy to tell if your white gold jewellery needs to be rhodium re-plated simply by looking at it. Overall, the item may look tarnished or appear to be a different colour from what it was originally. Any areas that have lost the rhodium plating altogether will show the yellowish colour of the original white gold underneath, and there may be discolouration in other areas, too. On rare occasions, particularly for those with sensitive skin, there may be a slight reddening or irritation of the skin where it has been exposed to the alloy metal beneath. Prices vary depending on the item. We estimate from £25 per ring. Please use this appointment to bring your items in store and speak to the jeweller for more advice, a quote, and a timescale. Please note Rodium plating can take up to 2 weeks. The appointment is used for us to view view and book the item in store.

Contact Details

  • 37 High Street Newport

    Xclusive Jewellers, High Street, Newport, UK

    01633 243593

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