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Ring Cutting Service

Updated: Jan 26

Do you need your ring cut off your finger? 🖐

Xclusive Jewellers is proud to offer a

FREE of charge ring cutting service.

We will take every care while doing so, to prevent minimal damage to your ring and to prevent minimum discomfort to you.

We are happy to remove any ring that you require to be cut off, whether this is an emergency, or they are simply too tight. It typically takes about 10 minutes to remove a stubborn ring. If visiting us, please phone ahead to make sure a goldsmith is available to do, of course if this is out of hours, and an emergency then please visit A&E.

We suggest once your ring is cut off you wait for 4 - 6 weeks (or longer as necessary) for the swelling to go down and the skin surface to return to normal before returning to have you finger sized and your ring resized to fit.

To contact us please call on 01633 243593 📞


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